red-arrowImpact Design Case Study: Silulo

Our Client’s Situation:

Our client, Silulo Ulutho, a social enterprise providing access to technology in township and rural areas in South Africa, needed a cost-effective system for collecting information to report on both their product and operational impact.

Our Approach:

Our approach was highly consultative in that we began by determining the organisation’s impact objectives and developing an overarching impact framework, including relevant impact indicators to be reported on. GreaterImpact then developed a series of user-friendly data collection tools. Once piloted and refined, training workshops were rolled out to equip our client’s employees with the necessary skills for data collection. Along with the data collection tools, a set of analysis tools, guidelines and an impact report template were developed.

Our Impact:

Silulo received a cost-effective, user-friendly monitoring and reporting system, enabling them to extract data from operations, analyse and report on impact as a resource to prove and improve their impact, and as a management tool for improving product offerings and business practices at an operational level