Day two

Leveraging innovation for social change

“Shaping Africa’s future” was the theme for day two of Africa Shared Value Summit 2018. Feroz Koor, Woolworth’s Group Head of Sustainability, shared some incredible facts about agriculture in South Africa: “Only 12% of South Africa has the right climate to support rain-fed crops; Agriculture alone uses 60% of South Africa’s water.” He added: “The big question is how do we farm in a sustainable manner and preserve our resources?” He explained that Woolworths is making a difference through their “farming for the future model”. This model is concerned with good farming practices as well as finding innovative solutions to target social change.

“Nearly 25% fewer women than men are online in emerging markets. This represents 200 million fewer women than men who are online today.” – Suraj Shah, Africa Program Director, @intel

Panel discussion

Day two of the panel discussion heated up as conversations centred on agricultural ecosystems and the theme: ‘Building and strengthening agricultural capacity and food security’. Nando’s PERi-Farming Initiative Manager, Sam Hirst, shared impact stats from their shared value model, FarmtoFlame, in which Nando’s supports 18 chilli farms and employs 1400 farmers in southern Africa.

“It is more meaningful to make an impact than a profit,” Hirst said. We’re proud of Nandos for juxtaposing their impact metrics and measuring the impact of their investments.

The summit came to an end with the final speaker, political and social activist, Jay Naidoo, who in one statement encapsulated the theme of the day: “Africa is home to a population of 1,2 billion people. We need to create pathways of hope; our vision should be to build entrepreneurial, thriving and sustainable communities in Africa,” he said, reminding us of the famous quote by Kwame Nkrumah: “I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”

All in all, the 2018 Africa Shared Value Summit was an incredible event. With such a wide range of topics and speakers, there were so many valuable takeaways. We look forward to next year’s event, it’s a definite must-do on the GreaterImpact events calendar.