Tell us about your career background.

My accomplishments and extensive experience internationally has spanned the African and Asian continents in corporate financial services and the development sector, while also consulting and supporting regional government and parastatal entities in Africa and Asia.

My career has been driven by my objective of ‘being of value by creating value’. This, in practical terms, has meant assisting my clients to understand, manage and mitigate their risks in a manner that is responsible and sustainable. This approach has been well received across the sectors I served; in corporate I was my clients’ trusted financial wellness partner, in the developmental space protecting and enhancing communities’ dignity, and in the governmental space supporting the states to reach their objectives.

At GreaterImpact and AMSCO our values are aligned to these principles and as such I look forward to a fruitful journey where our clients will derive significant value from our services.

Why did you decide to move from corporate into the impact investing space?

Understanding, evaluating and influencing the impact we have on our environment and communities have always been areas that I have felt should be the centre focus of my career. I want my legacy to demonstrate that prosperity and sustainable development can coexist on the African continent. I believe consulting and impact investing is the main vehicle that can drive this change and access key stakeholders across all sectors that influence the developmental drivers on our continent.

I am fortunate to lead GreaterImpact as part of AMSCO, with a credible platform from which to engage this change and be a part of the rise in our frontier markets on the African continent.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as Managing Director of GI?

I look forward to leading a dynamic, passionate and highly intelligent team into a future where we see ourselves having a greater impact on the continent’s sustainable development, through the value our clients derive from our advisory services.

Any highlights so far?

The highlights so far have been our delivery of AMSCO’s country reports which have demonstrated the groups impact across six countries on the African continent through evidence-based storytelling.

GreaterImpact has also authored “The Landscape of Eco-Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Malawi, Mozambique and Namibia: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” on behalf of SEED and “A Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises in South Africa” on behalf of the International Labour Organisation, which spoke to assisting social enterprise while addressing the access to funding.