At the end of January 2016, GreaterCapital (GC) and its sister entity, The GreaterGood South Africa Trust (GGSA), joined the African Management Services Company (AMSCO) Group. Born from the idea that merging the collective expertise of GC and AMSCO will provide a stronger approach to economic growth and social impact solutions in Africa, this merger gave rise to GreaterImpact (Pty) Ltd, an entity that works with development practitioners in the public, private and civil society sectors to ensure that their social and economic development programmes are high impact and sustainable.

Building on GC’s firm footprint in providing end-to-end impact solutions to the Southern Africa market, and combining AMSCO’s over 26 years’ experience supporting businesses in sub-Saharan Africa, GreaterImpact is well poised to help current and future clients integrate social impact and value creation practices into their core business strategy, so that, together, we grow an inclusive African economy. Through AMSCO’s network access and infrastructure support, we are able to grow our roots across the African continent. GGSA, a public benefit organisation, will continue serving as an intermediary between funders and NGOs. AMSCO’s extensive experience in the NGO and SME space will allow GGSA to broaden its reach and connect with a bigger portfolio of development practitioners.

What does AMSCO get out of this merger? As Paul Malherbe, CEO & Managing Director of AMSCO, says, “Combining resources will enable the AMSCO Group to set the bar in human capital solutions for private sector development on the continent by providing a broad range of services, tailored to market needs.  This positions us as a truly African business, but with intimate local knowledge.”

As a firm believer in coming together for the “greater good”, this collaboration gives me a deep sense of assurance that this organisation will continue to bring together the most creative, intelligent minds to tackle our most pressing social and environmental challenges on the continent. We will continue focussing on creating an equitable and just society for all, the difference is that now we do so as part of a much stronger team!

By Salma Seedat, Managing Director, Greater Impact